KYO33007B Inferno MP9 TKI4 Spec A
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KYO33007B Inferno MP9 TKI4 Spec A

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Fine-tuned for continuous improvement by Yuichi Kanai, the new 'Spec A' version of the Inferno MP9 TKI4 is packaged as a semi-assembled chassis kit. Taking the previous TKI3 model's reputation for speed to an extreme level, the new TKI4 features revised front/rear suspension that delivers improved cornering stability for sharper control. Recent demand for precision setting for aerodynamic performance is met with a newly designed body and rear wing that realizes both advanced cornering stability and traction. A thorough revision of all key components focused on delivering an edge in the heat of racing battle through superior maintenance, durability and reliability. In addition, the 'Spec A' version is semi-assembled with complex components such as Big Bore Shocks and ball differential pre-built using the special knowledge of skilled staff. Before shipping, Yuichi Kanai completes a final check of each model to ensure it meets the standard required for immediate racing success. Here is a model that is designed not only for advanced racers, but for anyone who wants to challenge 1/8 GP buggy racing at the highest level. Required assembly: Installation of R/C system such as receiver and servos and connection of linkage Painting of body and attachment of decals (Body is pre-cut but requires opening of sections to suit your choice of engine head and exhaust). Required For Operation: 2ch, 2 servo R/C system for cars .21 class engine Muffler & manifold Tires & inners for 1/8 buggy Fuel Fuel bottle Plug heater Starter box Batteries for R/C systemOil for air cleaner (No.96176 HG air cleaner oil is recommended) Paint for body Tires and inners are required to be purchased separately and glued to wheels. Installation of engine, clutch, manifold and muffler. Assembly and installation of piping, linkages and air cleaner. Wing assembly and installation. Specifications: Length: 490mm Width: 307mm Height: 180mm Wheelbase: 325mm (4 settings / by changing rear hub collar position) Gear Ratio: 11: 7 :1
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