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Axial 1/18 Yeti Jr Rock Racer 4WD RTR

Manufacturer Axial
Product SKU:  AX90054
Sales price $US159.99
Base price $US159.99


A bit smaller, but same high level performance.

Axial has taken all that you've come to love and appreciate in the Yeti chassis, but shrunk it down to 1/18th scale. It’s powered by a 380 sized brushed motor which provides the perfect amount of torque and speed for this tiny rock racing monster. Also featuring a bespoke all-in-one programmable Tactic ESC and receiver, paired with a 3-wire micro high torque steering servo. At the end of the day, the goal was to build a simple, fun, and easy to drive Yeti that anyone can handle. The hardest part about the Yeti Jr.™ Rock Racer is making sure you have enough battery packs charged in order to keep the adventure alive!


  • 380 Sized brushed motor
  • All-in-one programmable Tactic ESC and receiver
  • High torque steering servo
  • 1/18th Scale


Ready-To-Run Complete
Axial Racing 1/18 Yeti Jr. 4WD RTR - READY-TO-RUN COMPLETE
EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS INCLUDED!In a fast paced world where space is limited and ease of use is paramount, charging the supplied Onyx 6-cell NiMH battery needs to be simple and convenient. This is where the Onyx USB NiMH Charger comes into play. It’s small, compact, and easy to operate. That’s all that's required. Simply plug into a USB power source and plug the NiMH battery into the charger and you're charging.

DURATRAX ONYX 7.2V NiMH BATTERYOther batteries make claims to charge / discharge rates that can’t be substantiated, but Onyx packs are "true" rated, so they deliver on their performance promises. Now there are more capacity and configuration options to choose from, and all are priced to fit within a sport modeler's budget!

AA BATTERIESThe radio is powered by four AA alkaline batteries (included).
AR18 Solid Axile
Axial Racing 1/18 Yeti Jr. 4WD RTR - AR18 Solid Axile
Axial Racing 1/18 Yeti Jr. 4WD RTR - AR18 Solid Axile
Axial Racing 1/18 Yeti Jr. 4WD RTR - AR18 Solid Axile
To help keep the scale premise in check, simply shrinking down an existing axle was just not an option. In keeping the proportions correct along with yielding ample terrain clearance a new axle was designed, the AR18. Features include a compact two-piece design, captured pinion gear, and three-linked rear suspension with integrated sway-bar like support design for improved handling.Rear suspension features:
  • 8mm axle with 12mm hex adapter
  • Open diff
  • 61mm-90mm 7mm diameter shocks with 3mm shocks shafts
  • Multiple shock mounting positions


Axial Racing 1/18 Yeti Jr. 4WD RTR - Shock
The threaded shock bodies hold a single coilover spring. They are oil filled and allow you to tune the dampening rate.Rear suspension features:
  • 61mm-90mm 7mm diameter shocks
  • 3mm shock shafts
Axial Racing 1/18 Yeti Jr. 4WD RTR - Suspension
The Yeti™ Jr. is equipped with an Independent Front Suspension (IFS) system to help maintain high-speed stability when running through a diverse range of terrain. The IFS system allows you to better control the intended direction of travel at high speeds when one side is adjusting to overcome road obstructions. This stability that the IFS front end provides is paramount when rock racing.Front suspension features:
  • Machined aluminum CVD's
  • 8mm axle with 12mm hex adapter
  • Open diff
  • 2.50mm hingepins
  • 45mm-62mm 7mm diameter shocks with 3mm shocks shafts
  • Multiple shock mounting positions


Easy Chassis Access
Axial Racing 1/18 Yeti Jr. 4WD RTR - AR18 Solid Axile
Pull two pins and pop the hood for complete access to chassis components.
Drive Train
Axial Racing 1/18 Yeti Jr. 4WD RTR - Drive Train
Our universals provide smoother action for a higher performing, efficient drivetrain. The universal is made of machined aluminum for durability.
Axial Racing 1/18 Yeti Jr. 4WD RTR - Driveshaft
The rear driveshaft is centered for efficiency, and is mated to the rear differential outdrive which is captured by a bearing to keep things running smoothly.

Made of a genuine DuPont™ material for strength and durability.
Axial Racing 1/18 Yeti Jr. 4WD RTR - Wheels
Based off the popular Method 105 machined wheels, these officially licensed wheels are dressed in an aggressive all black style and they feature a standard sized 12mm hex for a strong, durable fit.
Axial Racing 1/18 Yeti Jr. 4WD RTR - Tires
In the full-size off-road world, they are the winner of more rock-crawling championships than all other tires combined (Race spec tire, Years 2004 through 2008). The Axial version captures the same aggressive look you’ve been waiting for, just smaller in size.
BFGoodrich® Tires and KRAWLER™ T/A® Trademarks are used under License from Michelin
Axial Racing 1/18 Yeti Jr. 4WD RTR - Bearings
Just because the Yeti Jr. is smaller in size doesn't mean the features need to follow suit. No bushings found here, instead the Yeti Jr. drivetrain is freely spinning on sealed cartridge bearings throughout the entire vehicle.


Axial Racing 1/18 Yeti Jr. 4WD RTR - ESC/Reciever
The Tactic RE20 2.4GHz receiver/ESC is an all-in-one unit that uses no crystals and features an internal antenna, so you’ll experience worry free driving without frequency conflicts or antenna damage. This lightweight, compact, auto-bind equipped receiver/ESC with LED indicator makes setup easy! It's also 2S LiPo capable with voltage cut-off and features an adjustable drag brake.

The included water resistant Tactic TSX45 metal gear servo is rated at 151 oz-in of torque for massive turning power and dual ball bearings provide smooth and precise movement for the metal gear train. Visit our blog for more information about waterproofing electronics.
Axial Racing 1/18 Yeti Jr. 4WD RTR - 48P GEARS
No micro gearing here, instead the drivetrain features 48P gears, which is not only a robust design but also expands the number of possible gearing configurations. The spur gear is mated to a 10T metal pinion gear for optimal gearing.
Axial Racing 1/18 Yeti Jr. 4WD RTR - ADJUSTABLE MOTOR MOUNT
Adjusting gear mesh to accommodate different sized pinion or spurs gears has never been easier with the help of a cam style motor mount design. The front top plate secures the cam motor plate in place and all screws thread down into the chassis, eliminating the need for extra long hex drivers in order to secure the motor and gear mesh.


Axial Racing 1/18 Yeti Jr. 4WD RTR - 40T BRUSHED ELECTRIC MOTOR
Delivering an even balance of speed and technical adventuring, the 370 40T motor features a worry-free design with enlarged cooling ports for extended periods of use. Easy operation: no tuning, no fuel, and no loud exhaust noise. Just plug 'n' go!
Axial Racing 1/18 Yeti Jr. 4WD RTR - transmitter
The TTX200 2.4GHz transmitter is a two-channel pistol grip radio with digital channel reversing for both steering and throttle along with digital trim and end point adjustment. The radio is powered by four AA batteries (included) and also features SLT (Secure Link Technology) which creates an unbreakable link between the receiver and your transmitter. To bind the vehicle and transmitter, simply turn on the transmitter, power up the truck, and auto-bind does the work for you!


Adjustable Battery Tray
Axial Racing 1/18 Yeti Jr. 4WD RTR - Adjustable Battery Tray
The battery tray is fully length and height adjustable with multiple configurations available. It's easily changeable between 6-cell NiMH battery packs or smaller sized 2S LiPo battery packs. The integrated battery tray can be easily accessed without having to remove any body clips or even the body, allowing for quick battery swaps.
BFGoodrich® Tires and KRAWLER™ T/A® Trademarks are used under License from Michelin


Notes from our tech department:


**Additional Technical Info Will Be Added When It Becomes Available.**
This is the Axial Electric Powered, Radio Controlled, 1/18 scale,
Ready to Run Yeti Jr Rock Racer from Axial.





Chassis: Molded plastic
Drive: Four wheel shaft
Rear Axle: AR18 solid rear axle, two-piece design, captured pinion
gear, three link rear suspension
Radio: Tactic TTX200 SLT 2-channel pistol grip, steering and
throttle trim and reverse, and end point adjustment
Steering Servo: Tactic TSX106 with 26.5oz/in of torque
Electronic Speed Control: Tactic RE20 2.4GHz receiver/ESC combo
auto-bind with LED indicator, 2S LiPo capable with voltage cut-off,
and adjustable drag brake
Motor: 380 size 40 turn brush equipped
Pinion Gear: 48P 15T metal
Suspension: IFS (independent front suspension), floating solid 8mm
rear axle with 12mm hex adapter and open diff

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