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SIG EDGEtra Ultimate Hybrid 3D Airplane EP ARF 60"

Manufacturer SIG
Sales price $US289.99
Base price $US289.99

Two planes for the price of one!

The EDGEtra 3D Hybrid combines the fuselage of the popular EDGE ARF with the wings of the best-selling Extra! Features removable Side Force Generators for stable 3D and knife-edge flight, a two-piece wing with aluminum joiner tube, a painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants, a magnetic hatch/canopy and more.


  • CAD-drawn, laser-cut and factory jig-assembled balsa/ply construction.
  • Two-piece wing with aluminum joiner tube and removable side force generators that add stability to knife-edge and 3D flight.
  • Surface mount aileron servo configuration.
  • Magnetically attached battery hatch.
  • Clear plastic canopy with painted pilot figure.
  • Painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants.
  • High-quality, self-adhesive covering.
  • 2-3/4" (70 mm) white plastic spinner.
  • Carbon fiber landing gear with 2.5" (63.5 mm) diameter main wheels.
  • Complete hardware pack included.
  • Illustrated assembly manual.


SIG RC EDGEtra 3D Hybrid EP ARF - Hatch
A removable magnetic hatch/canopy makes battery changes quick and easy.
SIG RC EDGEtra 3D Hybrid EP ARF - Electric Setup
The EDGEtra provides ample room for any electric power set-up!


SIG RC EDGEtra 3D Hybrid EP ARF - Aileron Servos
Surface-mounted aileron servos and ball links simplify installations.
SIG RC EDGEtra 3D Hybrid EP ARF - Airframe
Lightweight balsa/construction creates a rigid, well-flying airframe.


SIG RC EDGEtra 3D Hybrid EP ARF - Cowl
Painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants are color-matched to the high-quality film covering.
SIG RC EDGEtra 3D Hybrid EP ARF - Generators
Removable Side Force Generators add stability to knife-edge and 3D flight.


Notes from our tech department:


**Additional Technical Info Will Be Added When It Becomes Available.**
This is the Radio Controlled, Electric Powered, Almost Ready to Fly
Sig EDGEtra 3D Hybrid Aircraft.
Blends the fuselage of the EDGE with the wings of an Extra





Construction: Balsa and ply CAD drawn, laser cut, and factory jig
Wing: Two-piece with aluminum joiner tube and removable side force
generators that add stability to knife-edge and 3D flight
Aileron Control: Surface mount servo configuration
Hatch/Canopy: Attaches to fuselage with magnets, clear plastic
canopy, painted pilot figure
Cowl: Painted fiberglass
Landing Gear: Main, carbon fiber, 2.5" (63.5mm) diameter main wheels
Wheel Pants: Painted fiberglass
Covering: High quality self-adhesive
Spinner: 2-3/4" (70mm) white plastic








Radio: 4-channel
Servos: Four high-torque mini
6" (152mm) Extensions: Two for aileron servos
18" (457mm) Extension: One for elevator servo
Y Harness: One for aileron servos
Brushless Motor: 600-1200W (550-800Kv)
Electronic Speed Control: To match selected motor
Battery: 4S 4000 - 5000mAh LiPo
Battery Charger: Compatible with selected battery
Propeller: Compatible with motor
Building and field equipment




Wingspan: 60" (1524mm)
Wing Area: 675 sq in (43.5 sq dm)
Wing Loading: 18.8-20.5 oz/sq ft (56.4 - 61.5 g/sq dm
Length: 60" (1524mm)
Flying Weight: 5.5-6lbs (2495-2722g)
Center of Gravity (CG): 4.25" (108mm) back from the leading edge of
the wing at the fuselage
Control Throws; Low Rate High Rate 3D
Ailerons, up & down: 1" (25.4mm) 2" (51mm) max travel
Elevator, up & down: 1" (25.4mm) 2" (51mm) max travel
Rudder, left & right: 1-1/2" 2-1/2" (63.5mm) max travel

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