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Glacier Express N scale

 Project start : January 2015
Welcome to the Glacier Express project.
I Wanted to create a rail network at home but not wanting to sacrifice a room or a basement full , I needed a small scale.
Two options : the N or Z scale.
The Z scale can make a network in a guitar case but the trains choice is more limited, that's why I choosed the N scale.
Patrice Lavoute

For simplicity and quality it's not complicated just go with the KATO brand. So I bought the kit Glacier Express 10-006 Kato .
For the table I got a crib that I adapted for the project.
After one hour of cuts on the cross-track software I output the outline of the final network .
In terms of the base, a foam sheet of 1.5 " thick enough.
All the landscape is realized with Woodlandscenics products.
Very easy to use even for a beginner, you can still change if the result does not please us, and their videos are essential tools to understand how.