Pliers tweezers & similar tools

74048 Hg Straight Tweezers
Not in STORE, Availlable on order
These precision made stainless steel tweezers are ideal for handling small, delicate plastic model parts. An angled type which can access hard to reach areas and a straight type which directly transmits finger movements to the tip for optimum control are available.
74047 Pince droite Hg
Not in STORE, Availlable on order
These high grade stainless steel tweezers provide the incredible precision needed when working with fine materials such as photo-etched parts. Their angled tip gives you pinpoint access to hard-to-reach spots.
EXL30419 Hollow Point Tweezers
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Excel Blades Hollow Point Tweezers

Hollowed out body for holding spherical objects
Stainless Steel Body
Used for: hold beads, pearls, rhinestones and other small objects.
Available in: black, red, silver, blue
Includes (1) one 4.75in.- 12cm. Hollow Body Tweezer